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Travel Like a Champion


Expedia is constantly finding new ways to associate the travel universe with other segments and themes that resonate with its customers. In 2019, the brand sponsored UEFA's Champions League, Europe's biggest football club tournament. At PACIFIC, we were challenged by Expedia to design a content campaign to reinforce the concept "Travel Like a Champion", created to celebrate the sponsorship. 11 regions were featured by the brand and we designed football shirts to represent each one of them.

My roles on this project

Content Management

Expedia has its own page builder and content management systems. This fact presented big restrictions to our design and content ideas, and I had to establish a process to guarantee the creation of more than 100 pages on a really challenging deadline.


I designed all emblems for all 11 travel regions determined by Expedia. Each one of them has particular elements inspired by points of interest that are part of Expedia's inventory. The shirts and visuals were beautifully designed by our art director Nico Cortinove.


An old poet once said: "Mission given means mission accomplished". We received the challenged to create press kits with the shirts inside to be delivered for VIPs in Europe. We made it happen by cutting fake grass, assembling boxes, folding the shirts.

Who I worked with on this project


Nico Cortinove

Art Director


George Stein

Creative Director


Janai Williams

Account Manager


Johanna Guzman


Featured Project


Featured Project

Porto Seguro
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