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A Prototype of a Prototyping Lab


A bank is not exactly the most inviting place to test new ideas. Itaú was not different and several barriers  restricted a prototyping culture there: fear of failure is constant; there is a strong hierarchical system that inhibits autonomy; lack of a safe space to DIY projects; schedules are really tight. That was the scenario when I received the mission from the great José Mello to lead an initiative to research, design, and prototype a prototyping space for the people of Itaú. Even though it was not implemented, we learned a lot by doing this substantial project.

My roles on this project


I interviewed my co-workers and potential users to understand what would be the best fit for our needs at Itaú WMS. I also gave them probes to bring spatial concepts to discuss together. 


All design pieces like interview supportive materials, presentations, visual processes, were designed by me. These tasks presented a challenging scenario when I had to work on the  strategic plan in parallel.

Strategic Planning

At the end of our research, we started to plan the phases and milestones to implement our co-created lab. I organize the whole plan, but my colleagues Gui and Mello were essential to discuss processes, reasonable solutions, a feasible roadmap, and resources needed.

Who I worked with on this project


José Mello

Innovation Manager


Guilherme Paes

Innovation Analyst


Lia Castelli



Hanne Giaciani


Featured Project

Porto Seguro

Featured Project


Other Projects

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