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Porto Seguro

Company-wide Innovation


While working at the innovation consultancy Simplez, I learned a lot about crowdsourcing. They were the official partner of Brightidea, a robust system for corporation employee ideas management. One of their clients is Porto Seguro, Brazil's largest insurance company. With the leadership of the great Cristiano Kruel, we helped them to plan, design, and implement a company-wide innovation program that shook the bases of hierarchy by promoting intrapreneurship and lots of new business opportunities for Porto Seguro.

My roles on this project


We interviewed managers, employees, and partners to investigate how the next level of their idea generation program would look like. Together, we designed the process and plan the implementation by phases.


At Porto Seguro they have a really particular and effective verb to refer to a validation process: to pyramid. It represents the convergence of different opinions and I applied that symbolic reference to all pieces designed to communicate the program.

Strategic Planning

Another relevant aspect of Porto Seguro's innovation program is their startup accelerator, Oxigênio. It is part of the strategic plan we designed to stimulate disruptive thinking. I helped them by creating a toolkit to raise quality of solutions at early stages.

Who I worked with on this project


Cristiano Kruel

Senior Consultant

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 3.30.38 PM.png

Caio Santos

Innovation Specialist


Ricardo Tonon

Innovation Manager


Sergio Sakata

Innovation Specialist

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