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Early Childhood


According to a study by ABRINQ, 40% of all Brazilian children under-14 live in poverty, which represents a clear necessity of social service across the whole country. At Tellus, we received the mission to investigate and report the reality of some of these children in their early childhood (more specifically under-6) and how their families are assisted by public entities. These field researches also identified opportunities of improvement for the whole social work ecosystem, which later inspired ideation sessions with public agents of the sector to tackle the most pro-eminent challenges.

My roles on this project


I helped the research team to develop some key learnings of the project like, for example, the definition of personas as an output of the field investigation and other interpretation of data to be later convert into visual diagrams and in-depth reports.


I also helped the team to communicate several stages of the project like documenting the desk research phase, data visualization diagrams , and most importantly, the final reports delivered for the client.


Also along with the research team, I developed supportive assets for in-person interviews & workshops. They were important to alleviate the sad scenario of poverty that our team found in the field, and these assets gave them an extra help to uncover users' stories.

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