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A Remarkable Brand Positioning


A good brand can easily give any company a form, a shape on which people will rely on when they need to connect the dots of a business. However, all other points of contact must reinforce the same story and replicate the same positive perception. That's what happened with Markable. I designed the brand, its franchise-oriented positioning, and all its visual identity, but it was my wife Samara Perez and her team who made the brand promise a reality, making her public relations company one of the most remarkable agents in the Brazilian market.

My roles on this project


I named the brand and I believe it's a great name because I started noticing many other "Markables" popping up around the globe. The concept of the symbol is to represent the energy that the company delivers to its clients' brands with a "M" letter on it.

Strategic Planning

When we decided to move to U.S., Markable was not doing well. Clients were leaving, headcount was lower than ever, and my wife's motivation was not in good shape. I helped her defining a niche and redesigning her operational model. Results? Ask her.

Business Mentoring

I've been orienting Samara on how to take advantage and act in ambiguous scenarios. As a strategist, my goal is always convince other people of following my plans, even when it's hard to forecast a successful path. At Markable it's working pretty well.

Who I worked with on this project


Samara Perez



Mariana Vieira

Copywriting Manager

Featured Project

Porto Seguro

Featured Project

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