In the last decade, Brazil's public educational system has seen a high average of students quitting in the final grades of middle school. The issue came to the attention of Inspirare, a respected organization that incentivizes innovative educational practices. They asked our team at Tellus to investigate the reasons why students decide to quit, and also to deliver a platform with free tools to help all agents of the public sector to rethink and redo their activities in order to tackle this difficult educational challenge.

My roles on this project


We interviewed students, teachers, managers, and specialists to define a set of learnings that later would become a series of relevant reports that served to inspire ideation sessions.


I designed a visual template to be replicated for all our field research reports. Those documents ended up becoming really important references for the Brazilian educational ecosystem.

Strategic Planning

When the research came to its final phase, I led the discussion around a strategy for the implementation of a digital platform where all solutions from the workshops would later be available for download.

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Featured Project

Featured Project

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