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  • PACIFIC Platform

    Studies show that brands pay agencies a ton of money to perform tasks that are not only unprofitable but also really boring. It's what we call "grunt work". At PACIFIC, we decided to make our clients pay for only valuable work by automating many tasks that could free us up some time to be creative, collaborative, and motivated. To accomplish that goal, we designed a digital platform that utilizes historical data to offer better insights, fast analysis, and more.

    It's a desktop-oriented solution that includes functions like: SEO forecasting, project management, staffing, and more.

    My roles on this project

    Who I worked with on this project

    Pat Hall

    Head of R&D

    Norman Brauns


  • Expedia Travel2Run

    Running is always a touristic experience. Even when we're simply practicing a slow pace jogging in our neighborhood, the ambient is influential. With that idea in mind, we started a project named "Travel2Run", a marketplace of running events around the globe with that "all-in-one" experience for Expedia's customers with opportunities to buy, not only tickets for their favorite running events, but also receive special deals for all travel products that Expedia has to offer, and all in one place.

    Special projects were frozen on Expedia due to COVID-19 crisis. This one included :(

    My roles on this project

    Who I worked with on this project

    Rodrigo Costa

    SEO Specialist

    Janai Williams

    Account Manager

  • BigGods eSports

    The BigGods eSports team was looking for an impactful branding strategy to showcase their capabilities for potential investors. I helped them creating visual assets to be explored in the eSports competitive scenario, in their social channels, and their prospective presentation.

    My roles on this project

    Who I worked with on this project

    Danilo Salgueiro

    Founder & CEO

    Vanessa Salgueiro

    Operations Manager


San Diego, CA 92110