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My Waterless Car Cleaning Co.


San Diego is definitely one of those places where summer lasts for almost the year. Also: there are few rainy days and lots of cars (that need to be cleaned). I saw then an opportunity to start a business using a strong brand positioning that resonated pretty well with my customers: a waterless car cleaning company. It was in perfect alignment with the comfort customers expect by having someone cleaning their cars at home or at work. The company went pretty well for the investment I made but, when a good job offer came, it made me think that no garden looks worse with more water ;)

My roles on this project


I made an intensive analysis of the market to understand my customers' needs, to create a viable operation, and to make the brand recognizable. This research became the business plan I presented to graduate for my MBA.


This endeavor was also a great chance for me to test my beliefs in the design process as a whole. I could hear, create, and develop a profitable service, delivering comfort and environmental responsibility for my 5-star Yelp customers.


Is there a better way to test an idea than putting it to work in the real world? That's what I did and it worked perfectly. From the value proposition to the first booked service I put all my efforts to make each point of contact a valued brand awareness channel.

Featured Project


Featured Project

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